Capn’s Cruiser Corner – Duca Turns Pink!

As if I wasn’t having a bad enough time sailing the Duca d’Aosta these past days, losing most games, last evening I did a team kill. Of course it wasn’t intentional. It’s those foolish 12 km, 51 knot torpedoes. Being so slow, it gives a teammate plenty of time to sail in out of nowhere and intercept the course.

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Capn’s Cruiser Corner: “Weekend Warriors”–Is That Really A Thing?

I’ve been continuing to play the Duca D’Aosta exclusively (the 100% Captain XP bonus ends May 5), and it’s grown on me. I had improved all my stats for it. But yesterday I had a string of bad luck. I played 9 games and only won 2 of them. I think I myself did pretty well most games, but the teams seemed to be lacking. Someone in chat started complaining about “Weekend Warriors,” and I thought, what is that really?

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What is a Team Player?

What is a Team Player? This can be an easy question to answer but very difficult to define – numerically at least. So for starters, I’ll begin by stating how I would define a team player.

A team player will player for the team and the win and not necessarily themselves. What this boils down to is making plays that benefit the team but not the individual player, at least directly. This includes, taking and defending capture points, spotting without doing damage (with guns), smoking up teammates and not themselves, using consumables for the team, tanking damage or drawing fire from other teammates and sometimes even self sacrifice. Each class of ship has their own niche in what they are capable of doing and using those to both the players advantage and the teams advantage can often mean the difference between a win and a loss, or at the very least, a close game.

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Capn’s Cruiser Corner: The Duca d’Aosta–Italian Stallion or Macaroni Pony?

When the new premium Tier VI Italian cruiser, the Duca d’Aosta, was announced, I was very interested. The ship just looked cool–to the point where it was hard to tell the bow from the stern! As it went through super-testing, Wargaming chose to buff it quite a bit. The best thing, I thought, was the ability to mount both Defensive AA and Hydroacoustic at the same time. How many times have you, as a cruiser captain, agonized over which of those to choose before the battle starts? And regretted the decision? Certainly, Hydro is probably the safer choice given the scarcity of carriers, but when CVs appear you sure wish you’d chosen AA, particularly if they are targeting you! I was also intrigued by the top speed of the ship (36.5 knots) and the 12 km torpedoes. So I decided to buy it, depending of course on the price.

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Sneak Peak at Redesigned

A completely enhanced, revised, ground-up redesign of is on the horizon.  The anticipated release date of the new site is the 7th of May, 2017.  Many of you have reached out in the past regarding enhancements and additions you would like to see added.  Due to how the old site was designed, poorly, it became obvious quickly that at some point this would be required.


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Destroyer Captains Corner: An Open Discussion for DD Players

“Historians and critics too often overlook the state of mind of the commanders in judging a military or naval action.”
― Tameichi Hara

I’d like to thank WOWReplays for allowing me to post in this forum. I’d like to open by stating that I’m a die-hard DD player and as such I’d like to open a thread related to DD issues in general.

Overall I’m the type of DD player that plays fairly aggressively, that is, I like to go for the win. I enjoy DD’s as they can have such a massive impact on the game, but they are also the most fragile.

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Capn’s Cruiser Corner: An Introduction

I’m honored to begin what I hope will be a series of posts on about cruiser play–from a distinctly average player!

Right off, let me confess that my overall win rate is just 50%–that’s average, right? I’ve made Rank 10 in the last two ranked seasons, and never could climb out of it, while certainly falling back down and having to claw back repeatedly. I frequently die in battle, valiantly or not. I’ve achieved exactly two Krakens.

So don’t expect much in the way of amazing play, or secret tips and hacks. That’s not me. But if you enjoy cruisers as much as I do despite the agonizing frustrations, you may get enjoyment out of what I will be writing, even if it’s only “I feel your pain.” And let me say it’s my opinion that cruisers are painful to play!

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