My World of Warships Wishlist

I have long awaited writing this article, like the previous, but have needed some other articles in place first. Many of the previous articles add extra explanation to my reasoning (if you’ve read previous articles) that I just couldn’t possible put into one write-up. So here goes.

  1. Rebalance/rework the battleship lines –  The two original lines, in my opinion, have fallen behind the newer introductions and have lost their unique identities.
    1. Give the Yamato its heal back
    2. Give the USN line its AA identity back – Perhaps Def AA for tiers 8+?
  2. Rework the Conqueror

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World of Warships: Predictions

I’ve been meaning to put this particular article set together for sometime but I needed to get a few other articles out of the way first so here goes.

Based upon the changes that have been made recently, and changes that are being promised or tested, I see this game growing within the next year and likely plateauing. The increase will come with the CV changes, which I’m hoping will bring forth a better balance for that ship type, as well as the change in meta. However, it will be this change in meta that will also cause the game to plateau and quite possibly, decline once more. This should be no surprise as it has been the history of this game from the beginning – player participation ebbing and flowing with changes and content introductions. Quite frankly though, these changes could not happen at a better time than while school is out, as much as I hate to admit that. However, I digress and do need to get back to the reasoning for my prediction, at least for the current year.

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World of Warships and Win 10 Troubleshooting Guide

I’ve noticed a number of people having issues (crashing and connection issues) with WoWs and Windows 10 (seeming to coincide with the latest update for both – Windows 10 1803 as of the writing of this article and 0.7.5 for WoWs) including having a few of my own problems with both. So, here is a quick guide covering some things you can try to fix your issues. Some of these may be obvious, others not so much perhaps but here we go.

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Which Direction Admiral!?

Lately, World of Warships has been headed in a very radar heavy meta with the introduction of the new USN CL line, the two new premium Soviet (battle)cruisers  and the discussion of Radar on the Grozovoi. If you frequent the destroyer lines or even the RN cruisers this is particularly frustrating. Smoke becomes useless, islands are nearly useless (those USN arcs will go over the top), and with the current penetration and damage mechanics destroyers have been suffering. with this change though, it might be worth noting that although they seem to be anti-DD lately, not too long ago they were very anti-BB. With the introduction of AP bombs on carriers (poor German Battleships) and deep water torpedoes, particularly those of the Asashio, it was pretty evident that they wanted to reduce the BB’s in queue. All this has really done, in my observations, is produce most back of the map static play for battleships and less cap or spotting focused destroyers. Now of course, Battleship numbers have reduced a bit and since the release of 0.7.5 DD numbers have decreased as well. So where has everyone gone?

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What To Do About Ranked?

The original concept for a competitive, small team mode for World of Warships was good – certainly not great, but not terrible. Seven players per team allowed for easier communication among individuals in a random setting and helped to create a more dynamic match. However, it also made it so a single player, for good or bad, could have a far larger impact on a match than in the regular 12 player random battles. As the game progressed, player progression increased and player skills and knowledge improved, the current configuration of Ranked no longer “works as intended” in my opinion. A few seasons back, shortly after the Belfast was introduce, ranked was exclusive to tier 7 ships. This led to very static games that were more plays of attrition than that of attack and defense. This was largely due to the Smoke and Radar/Hydro meta that was encouraged with the Belfast. On to the present though, I do like that they increased the expected skill cap this season by introducing Tier X ships. However, the issues that exist with that revolve around wanting to preserve your own ship but most importantly, that Star – an issue that was very noticeable last season. So, after that brief run though and analysis, let’s jump into some changes that I think will make for a better Ranked season come season 10 (or 11).

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Radar Minotaur

As a way to break out of the meta, add a bit more versatility to the team, and have a bit more fun, I have been playing a lot of the Radar Minotaur. To preface this however, this particular configuration of this ship is not for everyone and can be quite difficult and frustrating as well – if RNG wants the enemy to get random citadels on you from 20km – RNG gives them citadels. That being said, this setup is an absolute brown-pant moment for a destroyer, especially if your team is paying attention and you can have a very big affect on the game as a result. But this can go in the other direction very quickly because the mino is so squishy. So here is my review of the Radar Minotaur, my setup, and a few tips on how to be effective (if RNG likes you).

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CV Balance: A Current Review

Disclaimer: As a battleship main, and one that doesn’t play CV’s at all, I write this opinion purely from that of an observer to CV play and not that of an actual CV captain.

From my experience in the game since closed beta I can say that from the beginning the balance for CV’s has been skewed. To those who have put the effort into becoming a competent CV captain, I truly applaud (and at the same time loathe) you. It’s a ship class that I have tried but just do not have the patience for. That aside, the CV’s ability to move its weapons about the map with near impunity when top tier and to utterly devastate almost any ship when played by a competent player is frustrating and disheartening as a player. Unlike when against other ships where, if you make a mistake, paying for that mistake with a large amount, if not all of your HP is expected, with CV’s you can do everything right and still end up back in port if you are targeted by a good player.

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