World of Warships: Predictions

I’ve been meaning to put this particular article set together for sometime but I needed to get a few other articles out of the way first so here goes.

Based upon the changes that have been made recently, and changes that are being promised or tested, I see this game growing within the next year and likely plateauing. The increase will come with the CV changes, which I’m hoping will bring forth a better balance for that ship type, as well as the change in meta. However, it will be this change in meta that will also cause the game to plateau and quite possibly, decline once more. This should be no surprise as it has been the history of this game from the beginning – player participation ebbing and flowing with changes and content introductions. Quite frankly though, these changes could not happen at a better time than while school is out, as much as I hate to admit that. However, I digress and do need to get back to the reasoning for my prediction, at least for the current year.

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Author: SnipeySnipes

A technical and analytic writer for the blog - I focus on nuances and details where I can that are often ignored or over looked by other World of Warships community contributors. With a background in the social sciences and statistics I aim to answer questions about the game and player population as a whole, backing my findings with numbers as proof. I play World of Warships as often as I can but by no means am a "professional." Though I would say I perform better then the average player, I still screw up and die often! Hit me up for questions, comments or suggestions. Snide remarks or toxic comments will be forwarded to my complaints department for disposal.

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