Which Direction Admiral!?

Lately, World of Warships has been headed in a very radar heavy meta with the introduction of the new USN CL line, the two new premium Soviet (battle)cruisers  and the discussion of Radar on the Grozovoi. If you frequent the destroyer lines or even the RN cruisers this is particularly frustrating. Smoke becomes useless, islands are nearly useless (those USN arcs will go over the top), and with the current penetration and damage mechanics destroyers have been suffering. with this change though, it might be worth noting that although they seem to be anti-DD lately, not too long ago they were very anti-BB. With the introduction of AP bombs on carriers (poor German Battleships) and deep water torpedoes, particularly those of the Asashio, it was pretty evident that they wanted to reduce the BB’s in queue. All this has really done, in my observations, is produce most back of the map static play for battleships and less cap or spotting focused destroyers. Now of course, Battleship numbers have reduced a bit and since the release of 0.7.5 DD numbers have decreased as well. So where has everyone gone?

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Author: SnipeySnipes

A technical and analytic writer for the Warshipnews.blog blog - I focus on nuances and details where I can that are often ignored or over looked by other World of Warships community contributors. With a background in the social sciences and statistics I aim to answer questions about the game and player population as a whole, backing my findings with numbers as proof. I play World of Warships as often as I can but by no means am a "professional." Though I would say I perform better then the average player, I still screw up and die often! Hit me up for questions, comments or suggestions. Snide remarks or toxic comments will be forwarded to my complaints department for disposal.

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