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As many of you have seen, most of the articles I write have to do with stats and analytics. Though I do enjoy writing them, and try to make them as friendly to the populace as I can, I’m wondering what else you might like to read about in regards to World of Warships. The poll options include topics that I feel qualified to discuss and write about and am currently able to write about. (Sorry, I’m not a community contributor, so I can get info on new ships or their stats). Also, please feel free to post suggestions for articles and content in the comments as well, I probably left things out.

Author: SnipeySnipes

A technical and analytic writer for the blog - I focus on nuances and details where I can that are often ignored or over looked by other World of Warships community contributors. With a background in the social sciences and statistics I aim to answer questions about the game and player population as a whole, backing my findings with numbers as proof. I play World of Warships as often as I can but by no means am a "professional." Though I would say I perform better then the average player, I still screw up and die often! Hit me up for questions, comments or suggestions. Snide remarks or toxic comments will be forwarded to my complaints department for disposal.

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