WoWReplays Ship and Aggression Ratings

Ship Rating

The WoWReplays Ship rating is evaluating the player’s average statistics (ability) in a ship against the overall population of average statistics in that ship. No weights are currently applied to any of the values.

Formula Components:

  • Win Rate
  • Damage
  • Kills
  • Experience
  • Survived Wins[1]
  • Survival Rate

Evaluation Scale:


Aggression Rating

The WoWReplays Aggression rating is an attempt to measure how passive or aggressive a player is in a particular ship. Like with the Ship Rating, a player’s average statistics in a ship are compared against averages for that ship.

Formula Components:

  • Main Battery Accuracy
  • Torpedo Accuracy
  • Secondary Accuracy
  • Secondary Kills
  • Survival Rate


Evaluation Scale:



Overall Aggression is not meant to be a determination of a player’s skill but of how they play a ship, as a whole, over the course of a battle. Both aggressive and passive plays, when executed at the correct time, are often a better sign of a player’s ability. Consider using these numbers as a determination of how to support a teammate as opposed to judging them.


As a note for carriers – due to the information that is provided – and not provided – by the WG API, it is very difficult to accurately measure the aggression of a carrier. However, due to nature of play of a carrier and the components of the metric, lower numbers for aggression are better to see than higher.

[1] The percentage of wins that the player has survived.

Author: SnipeySnipes

A technical and analytic writer for the blog - I focus on nuances and details where I can that are often ignored or over looked by other World of Warships community contributors. With a background in the social sciences and statistics I aim to answer questions about the game and player population as a whole, backing my findings with numbers as proof. I play World of Warships as often as I can but by no means am a "professional." Though I would say I perform better then the average player, I still screw up and die often! Hit me up for questions, comments or suggestions. Snide remarks or toxic comments will be forwarded to my complaints department for disposal.

4 thoughts on “WoWReplays Ship and Aggression Ratings”

  1. Outstanding article. Good information for newer players and those that are wanting to improve their play.
    Surprising to not find any mention of IFHE as a third or hybrid type of shell. As this Article may predate the introduction of IFHE to the game. This in itself speaks volumes to the professional quality of this piece of work. Everything in this article is as applicable today as it was six months ago. Kudos for a very well written easy to understand piece of work.
    P.S. I found 1 typo I believe it is in the first paragraph of the article


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