Capn’s Cruiser Corner – Please, Wargaming…

This week I played the Minotaur on the Public Test Server. It is a fun ship, reminding me of the Atlanta in the rate of fire and turret traverse, minus the chance of fire and with bigger guns, of course. I did not really have any great games like you see in the videos. One game I remember, there were three of us left and maybe five enemies, but we had the points advantage from early capping. I took the last cap by myself and smoked up. Then it was just me left, but we were still comfortably ahead and time was running out. If I could have just run away we would have won and I would have earned Solo Warrior. But it was not to be. As I ran, the enemy carrier sent planes over me, and despite having one of the best AA ratings I only downed a couple. He bombed me, but more importantly, lit me up for the remaining enemy BBs, who did not take long to wreck me.

Two more stories, and I’ll get to my point. In one game I got into a close-range brawl with a Des Moines. We were both full health, but he just outplayed me. In another game, I was scrapping with a DD when an unseen Yamato from the other side of the world hit me with three rounds and took me from full to 0. In the first game, it was my bad play, and I take responsibility. In the second, how is that my fault? It’s the worst thing that can happen to a cruiser, can’t be defended against (without hiding the whole game), and absolutely no fun. You should be able to do the job you were designed for.

So please, Wargaming, consider this. How about a feature where, when launching Random Battle, you could check a box that says something like “Limit battleships.” If selected, your match would only have one or two BBs on each side. Then cruisers could play like they are supposed to. Sure, maybe you’d have to wait longer to get a match together. It would be worth it.

I don’t believe this would be too hard for them to add to the MM algorithm. What do you think of this idea? Has it been proposed before?

All for now,


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