Capn’s Cruiser Corner – 0.6.5 on PTS

I don’t often go on the Public Test Server, but occasionally I am attracted to the rewards you can get on your main account. Plus, I wanted to try out some higher-tier cruisers that I’ve never played.

In this version, you start out at Tier VIII (though for some reason I’m seeing a lot of Tier VII “Eastern Dragon”; another Myoko-clone I guess). Of course, you are given plenty of credits, doubloons, Free XP, etc. to blast through the ships if you want to, and it seems most people go right to Tier X. I started with the Edinburgh. I’ve never played a cruiser with smoke before, but I do have radar for my Atlanta and Indianapolis, so I went with that option instead of smoke for the Edinburgh. What did I learn about upper-tier British cruisers?

Well, the lack of HE is truly an inconvenience. I soon learned there just seemed to be no point in engaging those big battleships with gunfire. All you do is get their attention, which you surely don’t need. Against cruisers and destroyers the guns are fine. The fantastic British heals are also great to have, and badly needed. And fool that I am, I forgot until maybe 20 games that you have single-launch torpedoes! Those are awesome. I did miss the lack of fighter planes.

I moved on to the Neptune at Tier IX, and chose smoke this time. But I really don’t know how to use it. Despite slowing down, I kept sailing out of it. And really only a few times did it save me from destruction. I’ve seen some videos of the British ships basically staying in their smoke the entire game, relying on their teammates to take the risk exposing themselves so you can have spotted targets, while racking up great damage. This play style is not for me.

The Neptune felt sluggish to me, and I was constantly beaching myself with the slow rudder shift. I did not like the 15 km range either. Most games were pretty bad. In one game I managed to do over 130k damage, but finished 4th on the team, and only made 25k credits after expenses. That would be discouraging on a real account.

Matchmaking really toyed with me in another game. On each team, there was one CV, one DD, one cruiser, and nine battleships! As a light cruiser, how are you supposed to play that?? Float around in the back with friendly BBs? You’re always out of range. Try to cap? You get spotted and focused. The BBs are just drooling waiting for you to pop up. And for some reason, the CV thought it was fun to target me. I managed to shoot down 10 of his planes (without defensive AA), but he got a total of three torpedoes into me during his multiple attacks. The British heal does repair most of the damage, but it still adds up. I couldn’t stand it any longer, and charged their DD in a cap. I managed to inflict some damage, but a battleship soon deleted me.

I plan to keep trying the PTS, and maybe will buy the Minotaur. Or maybe try the French cruisers. It’s all play money anyway. As it stands, I don’t think the British cruisers are right for me.

All for now,


2 thoughts on “Capn’s Cruiser Corner – 0.6.5 on PTS”

  1. RN SAP Ammo is epic against battleships, just shoot much higher up the superstructure than you would normally, slow to 16 knots (in full reverse) BEFORE deploying smoke.


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