Capn’s Cruiser Corner – Duca Turns Pink!

As if I wasn’t having a bad enough time sailing the Duca d’Aosta these past days, losing most games, last evening I did a team kill. Of course it wasn’t intentional. It’s those foolish 12 km, 51 knot torpedoes. Being so slow, it gives a teammate plenty of time to sail in out of nowhere and intercept the course.

In this instance, I had launched them at an enemy seemingly hours ago. They were looking good, but a friendly cruiser came out from the other side of the island and sailed straight into their path. Faster torpedoes would have zipped way ahead of him.

I’m not blaming the victim. Though I did warn him in chat, often times in the thick of battle I don’t pay enough attention to the chat myself. He took two, and that was it for him, and now I wear the colors of shame, for five games anyway.

The Duca torpedoes are problematic for sure. I’ve always tried to make sure there was no chance of a friendly getting in the way, but frankly I’ve had somewhat close calls before. I wonder who else driving the Duca has had these situations, and if Wargaming will know about it. It seems like this long range/slow speed combination is sort of an experiment for them.

All for now,


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