Capn’s Cruiser Corner: “Weekend Warriors”–Is That Really A Thing?

I’ve been continuing to play the Duca D’Aosta exclusively (the 100% Captain XP bonus ends May 5), and it’s grown on me. I had improved all my stats for it. But yesterday I had a string of bad luck. I played 9 games and only won 2 of them. I think I myself did pretty well most games, but the teams seemed to be lacking. Someone in chat started complaining about “Weekend Warriors,” and I thought, what is that really?

My first response is admittedly sarcastic: “oh, you mean people with jobs, relationships, etc.”? I didn’t say that in chat, as I dislike how rude people can be to each other, but I did think it. I know it’s hard to keep quiet when you are losing and there are still full-health battleships hiding behind rocks or steaming to the far corners of the maps, but it really doesn’t serve any purpose, so I try to keep it civil.

What do you think? Is “weekend warrior” real, or is it just a perception? Why would it be? Why would when you play the game make a difference? Personally, I don’t think it is a thing. I’ve had plenty of bad teams during the week, and my own play quality, good or bad, doesn’t depend on the day of the week. I’d like to hear your thoughts on this.

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2 thoughts on “Capn’s Cruiser Corner: “Weekend Warriors”–Is That Really A Thing?”

  1. This is certainly something that can be quantified and proven – or not. I’ll try and add it to my list of things to look at. Should make a good article.


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