Sneak Peak at Redesigned

A completely enhanced, revised, ground-up redesign of is on the horizon.  The anticipated release date of the new site is the 7th of May, 2017.  Many of you have reached out in the past regarding enhancements and additions you would like to see added.  Due to how the old site was designed, poorly, it became obvious quickly that at some point this would be required.


The original site was very basic early on and as the site grew in popularity so did the feature requests.  Some were simple, some were very detailed.  The more detailed requests ended up going against some of the early assumptions I made when I created the site.  Yes, I know, this was short sighted of me, but I honestly never expected this site to become as popular as it has.  Thank you by the way!

In the end, the site became difficult to manage, nearly impossible to add new features without breaking others, and very sloppy.  I had duplicate models that only varied slightly, some models that inherited from others, and queries that were all over the place.

The redesign has allowed me to remove nearly 5000 lines of code from the project while adding nearly all of the requested features plus some I have wanted to do for quite some time.  The Admin section of the site is much more user friendly and allows for easier moderation of videos, comments, and more.  Users are going to be able to sign up for notifications, earn achievements, follow their favorite players, and search and filter like never before.

The redesign will also implement a new feature for clans that will allow them to upload clan replays, manage their clan members, recruit, and much more.  Once this feature is fully implemented, there will be a section featuring clan replays where they can compete for high marks in certain categories.  Clans as a whole can earn permanent achievements as well as “Roaming Achievements” based on long term and short term progress.

With all of the long winded explanations out of the way, watch the video in this post that explains the changes and enhancements you can expect to see when the new site rolls out.

As always, thank you for following.  I hope you enjoy the site and the enhancements!


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