Capn’s Cruiser Corner: An Introduction

I’m honored to begin what I hope will be a series of posts on about cruiser play–from a distinctly average player!

Right off, let me confess that my overall win rate is just 50%–that’s average, right? I’ve made Rank 10 in the last two ranked seasons, and never could climb out of it, while certainly falling back down and having to claw back repeatedly. I frequently die in battle, valiantly or not. I’ve achieved exactly two Krakens.

So don’t expect much in the way of amazing play, or secret tips and hacks. That’s not me. But if you enjoy cruisers as much as I do despite the agonizing frustrations, you may get enjoyment out of what I will be writing, even if it’s only “I feel your pain.” And let me say it’s my opinion that cruisers are painful to play!

It wasn’t always this way for me. I was doing fine playing, say, the Kuma or Aoba, until last August, when all of a sudden I started getting destroyed at an alarming rate without accomplishing anything. What caused that? The introduction of German BBs! I know now that better players were grinding through the German line trying to get to the Bismarck, and having a jolly time pounding us poor seals in the process. Plus, the dang ships were so hard to kill, even at lower tiers! There went the win rate. And there began my hatred of BBs (Big Bullies). Before then, it was carriers I hated; now I almost welcome them, as that’s one less BB to face. I will expound on this hatred many times in the future, so be prepared. Sound familiar, cruiser captains? Relax, I hate the ships, not the players, as the saying sort of goes.

But what is a win rate really? I’m not sure it’s the best statistic to obsess over, although it may be the easiest to measure. How many times have you done a great job on a losing team? That statistic isn’t tracked, to my knowledge. So I think more now about my place in the team score, why it was high, why it wasn’t. I’m not saying I’m top of the team all the time. But if I’m in the top half I feel pretty good–ignoring the possibility that everyone was lousy.

But even your place in the team may not always tell the whole story. Just the other day, I was in a largely Tier 10 battle in my Tier 9 Ibuki. I wasn’t doing too much, having only one kill. We were way behind on points. Then that dreaded voice came over: OUR TEAM DEPENDS UPON YOU!! There I was, facing the remaining enemy Bismarck and Fletcher. Both were pretty low health. I somehow sank the Bismarck, then hunted down the Fletcher and finished him off. I won the game for my team by not dying! What was my place in the results? Seventh! OK, I hadn’t done a ton of damage, and had no caps, but maybe we should get extra credit just for surviving.

In posts to come, I’ll talk generally about the cruisers I play (hint, it’s mostly IJN), recent games, and maybe feature an individual ship in detail, while of course dissing BBs. Let me know what you think.

All for now,


3 thoughts on “Capn’s Cruiser Corner: An Introduction”

  1. Well let me be the first to say welcome,and hope you find some love for the non-cruiser ships!?
    Or maybe even some love like i do (recently) for the BB, esp my new found love BB-35,”the mighty T” or better known as the USS TEXAS……
    Not just any ship, lots of titles to her name.
    Like the “lucky” ship,last dreadnought, first aircraft (platform,launcher) carrier, proud owner of 5 battle stars
    one of the ships that have seen major battle in WWII (Omaha beach) and a ship with very much history indeed.

    But besides that i can and do understand were you r coming from and understand your pain.
    Having said that, i can also understand why people like me choose those “forgiving”german BB’s and play a BB overal.
    Mainly the reason being like, a bigger HP pool so you stay in battle longer, and not being a one shot!
    Thats happens when you start playing this game, which has a very steep learning curve.

    But that is just me, all in all……………

    Again welcome and maybe we here more form ya

    Fair winds and following SeaS……….DDNL


      1. well it is a great ship hope to visit here one day,and off course have her in game
        Only thing is playing NA give me a lot of server lagg (residing in the Netherlands)
        but overal like those gamers on the NA side better
        (by the way did you see the ghost?)


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