MxStats Integrates with WoWReplays

I am pleased to announce that MxStats has integrated with WoWReplays allowing users to upload replays directly from their desktop.  Additional benefits include added details to your replay files.  If you upload a replay from MxStats you will see kills, potential damage, credits, and more associated with your replays.  

You can download the MxStats desktop application by visiting MxStats and clicking download on the latest version on the right hand side of the screen.  You can also discuss this application on the Wargaming official forums by clicking the links on the right hand side as well.

Moving forward the popular section of the site will mostly be populated with replays uploaded via MxStats.  The home page will continue to show all replays as it does now, but your odds of being featured in the Popular section go up considerably by uploading via MxStats.

You will soon be able to search on Kills, Damage, Credits, and more from the advanced filtering as well.  I hope you enjoy the new features, I’m looking forward to adding more features in the near future.

6 thoughts on “MxStats Integrates with WoWReplays”

  1. all nice, but it is utterly annoying, that you cannot edit title and discription in this app. and due to the crap and shit processing times sometimes (sometimes you even cannot edit the replay at all), you have to wait hours for adding a proper title and discription. i think i go back to manual upload


    1. We have talked about adding the ability to edit the titles and such from the application, but ultimately have not progressed with it. When you say hours to process I’m not sure what you are referring to. The only time it takes hours to process is when the Wargaming API is offline or down for maintenance. The average processing time of replays is just under 30 seconds over the last 30 days. Feel free to hit me up on discord to discuss specific issues.


      1. should activate the mail notification 😉 thx for the reply. but fact is, that it takes very long until the edit function gets available. dont know why…..


    1. Yes, it’s a known issue with the recent update from WG. They messed up the logs that are used by MxStat. The good news is we have been able to crack the replay encryption and are working on an extraction process for the data housed inside. Soon it will not matter how the upload is sent, all details will be available.


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